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Why Choose Us?

Competitive Pricing                                           

1.       We have access to many carriers who will compete for your business.
        a.       We do not add on broker or consulting fees as do some agents. 
        b.       Our carriers offer no savings for going direct. 

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs                       

1.       Most agents sell pre-packaged policies which may cause you to pay for unwanted items. We can provide various individualized coverage options; some of which are –
        a.       General Liability Only
        b.       Special Form – Almost all Risks Covered
        c.       Actual Cost Limits vs. Replacement Cost to Offer Premium Savings

2.       Expert guidance to help you understand the pros and cons of self-insuring some risks in order to save money through a specially tailored insurance plan. 

Special Coverage for Cleaners & Launderers

1.       Many agents are unaware of the special risks you face. You, not them, can suffer at claim time.
       a.       Customer Goods
                                                i.      Bailee-Unlimited or 25X Inventory
                                               ii.      Bailee-Damage in Processing & Mysterious Disappearance
                                              iii.      Bailee-In-Transit 
                                              iv.      Bailee- Storage &/or Furs-Leathers

        b.       Equipment Breakdown-Boiler
        c.       Business Income-Extra Expense

                                               i.      Actual Loss Sustained
                                              ii.      Lost income from undamaged drop store due to damage at plant.
                                             iii.      Off Premises- Utilities 
        d.      Backup of Drains & Sewers 

Expert Claims Service                                        

1.       Access – 
                        a.       Our carriers adjust claims 24/7 and can be reached via phone, fax, email, Internet.
2.       Clothing –
                        a.       Smoke & water from a small fire can wipe out all of your clothing. Two of our carriers have adjusters who are accustomed to  dealing with 100’s of customers at once and are more likely to retain your customers than an adjuster who normally deals with one insured at a time.

3.      Extra Expense –
                        a.      Can another agent explain to an adjuster the special extra-expense needs of a dry cleaning or laundry operation which is recovering from a disaster? My experience and expertise can help you get what you deserve at claim time.

4.       Consulting – 
                        a.     Policy interpretation related to claims and assistance in receiving timely adjuster response is provided by Dr. Loomis.   


1.       Setting Limits
                        a.     Replacement Cost Tools for Equipment and Buildings

2.       Premium Payment
                        a.     Direct Pay to Carriers- various pay plan options including no down payment & EFT.
                        b      Billing Questions answered by carrier with assistance available from D Loomis

3.       Certificates & Additional Insured Requests 
                        a.    Accepted through website, email or fax and promptly relayed same day to appropriate party for execution. Monitored until completed.

4.      Annual Insurance Review
                      a.   Offered by Dennis Loomis, Certified Professional Drycleaner & Licensed Agent



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