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Dennis Loomis Agency Dry Clean Insurance Depot

Contact Information-


Certificates – Additional Insureds – Loss Payees


IWA Fabricare Advantage Program (Argonaut or Amtrust)

                FL,MO,TX - Trecia Morgan-800.243.1811 (8233)  Ph; 631. 913.6022 Fx; tmorgan@iwains.com 

                GA,MD,TN,VA- Maria Perillo-800 242 1811 (8240) PH; 631 913.6002 Fx; mparillo@iwains.com


Allied Insurance  - 866-322-3214

NIE or  Other Carriers -- Dennis Loomis-855.PUFF-IRON (783.3476) Ph; 1-813.443.2514 Fx;     dennis@DrycleanInsurance.com    www.DrycleanInsurance.com


Billing – Pending Cancellation Notices - Payment Inquiries


Amtrust  - 877-528-7878              NIE- 800.325.9522 ; 

Allied  -    866-322-3214                Others–855.PUFF-IRON  (783-3476)


Boiler Inspections


Amtrust-(thru Hartford Steam Boiler) 800.333.4677;                               NIE  (Travelers)       800 425 4119  

Other Carriers- 855.PUFF-IRON (783.3476)                                                ALLIED                      866.322.3214


Add/Delete Locations or Autos -- Change Coverages or Limits -- New Policies

Review Coverages & Dry Cleaning Business Discussions


Dennis Loomis  - 855. PUFF-IRON (783.3476);  813.443.2514 Fx;  Dennis@DryCleanInsurance.com  www.DryCleanInsurance.com


Claims Reporting


Report all claims directly to your carrier. After reporting, inform Dennis Loomis of catastrophic claims so he can monitor, assist, and visit your site.  Non-catastrophic claims can also be reported to Dennis (but this is not in lieu of reporting to the carrier).  Refer to www.DrycleanInsurance.com and click on the “Claims” link for further information.


                Amtrust 877-291-5207 -            NIE             800-325.9522  (Valerie Ducy)

                Hartford 800-327-3636              Allied –      800-421-3535               Others – See Policy


Special Assistance


If  you do not receive satisfactory service from the above contacts within a reasonable amount of time OR if you need special assistance AFTER contacting one of the above-listed parties, please do contact Dennis Loomis for any special assistance you require. Calls will be returned within 24 hrs (AM calls; same day).


Phone (855)  PUFF-IRON (783.3476);  Fax  (813) 433.2514; Email – Dennis@DryCleanInsurance.com

Website  www.DrycleanInsurance.com    Mailing Address:16350 Bruce B Downs Blvd #48404, Tampa, FL 33646

Referrals Are Appreciated

Please refer dry cleaners and laundry operators to www.DryCleanInsurance.com or (855) PUFF-IRON .





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